Where to begin…? It’s been a very long time since I have written anything, around 18 months to be exact. I stopped because I didn’t want blogging to feel like a chore, and I was getting into that realm of feeling like I needed to blog so many posts a month because that’s what people … More Blessings

I Want, I Want!

What do you want? Is it true that we should be able to have what we want if we have worked hard for it? Maybe we think that we deserve something for a situation that we have been through. What do we do if we don’t get what we want, how does it make us … More I Want, I Want!

School Holidays

The school holidays are almost upon us, for some they may have even started. I am looking forward to them. At least I always start off looking forward to them. Full of anticipation about what we are going to do, and the fun we will have, and the places we will visit. J gets 3 … More School Holidays

Sports Day

Yes, it’s that time of year, sports day season is upon us. We attended our first sports day this year. BB is in reception, at this age it’s all about the activities and encouraging the children to have a go, all very non competitive. BB actually didn’t just have a sports day, he in fact … More Sports Day

Bluebell Woods

We decided to visit our local bluebell woods over the weekend. We have never been before, I have always seen other peoples idyllic pictures and thought they looked lovely so we thought why not. The weather wasn’t too bad though a bit grey and cloudy when we left home, however by the time we arrived … More Bluebell Woods


How was your Easter? Have you eaten too much chocolate, or like me and J been helping the kids to eat theirs? (They got loads, and we don’t feel guilty, they don’t need to eat that much especially a 2 year old!) What does Easter truly mean to you? We have enjoyed a lovely holiday, … More Easter