Bluebell Woods

We decided to visit our local bluebell woods over the weekend. We have never been before, I have always seen other peoples idyllic pictures and thought they looked lovely so we thought why not.

The weather wasn’t too bad though a bit grey and cloudy when we left home, however by the time we arrived the sun was shining brightly and the sky was blue. I wasn’t expecting it to be such an event, the yellow AA events type signs were out with special parking laid on. This is a lovely area anyway, but normally very quiet. We had a little walk from the car to the woods, which LP insisted on walking. He is becoming very independent these days and really dislikes his pushchair, unless he’s super tired or you can bribe him into it with a snack.

We saw a few bluebells on the way, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect, however when we arrived it was beautiful. There were lots of people walking around, but there were so many pathways, with fallen logs, and tree dens and benches that you didn’t feel like you were in anyones way.

Here are a few of our pictures.




If you have any bluebell woods near you I would definitely recommend visiting. BB and LP had a great time running through all the pathways and jumping up on the logs.

We will definitely be going back again next year.


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