How was your Easter? Have you eaten too much chocolate, or like me and J been helping the kids to eat theirs? (They got loads, and we don’t feel guilty, they don’t need to eat that much especially a 2 year old!)

What does Easter truly mean to you?

We have enjoyed a lovely holiday, which is just coming to its end. J had some time off work, and for once we really took a break from doing everything that we are normally committed too. We binged watched some series on Netflix (we haven’t done that in ages), we had days out with the boys, and we also had our first free night in just over 2 years. Actually it was more like two whole days and a night. Thanks Nona and Granddad. I realised during this time that when we went out by ourselves people looked at us differently.  It felt strange when we saw other couples pushing buggies. Immediately I felt like I wanted to let them know that we have kids, that we are in that club too, I’m not too sure why? It seems silly really, we look forward to time without our kids (and I believe that it’s really important to have that), then when we get the time, we think about our kids!

I did love that we weren’t governed by the time and routine that we find ourselves following. We took a walk along the beach later than we might normally do, we could walk up steps, instead of finding the steady slope back up the cliff. We got to have a lay in, and went out for breakfast, I could dry my hair in peace. Most importantly we got to talk and enjoy our time together, and now we know LP in particular is fine sleeping over, we may have to schedule in a few more!

This was followed by our annual family Easter Eggstravangza, this is where the kids, (more and more each year) hunt around the garden for their Easter Eggs, after having decorated their basket / bag to collect their swag in. We also decorate eggs, this years theme was extinct animals and play games including the egg and spoon race. This year featured the kids race, the Mens race (they cheat a lot) and the Ladies race (a much more civilised affair!). We ate a lot, and perhaps, drank some wine! It was a lovely day spending time with our family.

All the things that I have written above are wonderful, we really have had a great Easter.

I posed the question at the beginning what does Easter mean to you, but I haven’t actually answered it myself. So here goes.

Easter is about Jesus plain and simple. We can dress it up any way we like, but Jesus died for us. He was whipped and beaten, and made the agonising journey to Golgotha bearing his own cross (John 19:17), where he would be crucified upon it for something that he hadn’t done. Please let that sink in for a moment, it’s really so incredible, can you imagine witnessing anything like that? He knew it had to be this way, it was part of Gods plan, it was the only way that we could be saved. Jesus took all of our Sins upon himself on that day. (John 19: 1-42)  And that was that right?

On Easter Sunday Mary Magdalene found Jesus’ tomb empty, we can read in John 20:1-18 the account of what happened. Mary Magdalene was crying outside of Jesus’ tomb when two angels appeared to her asking her why she was crying, explaining she turned around and saw Jesus, though at that time did not see him and thought him to be a gardener. He spoke out her name ‘Mary’, and she knew it was Jesus. He was Alive and is still Alive today.

We spent our Easter Sunday at church in the morning listening to a preach on the above scriptures. It is powerful to hear and really emotional taking in the enormity of what happened. It’s very easy to get caught up in everything else, and it’s ok to enjoy ourselves and eat chocolate and have fun (we did), but it’s important that we really think about what we are celebrating and why. I encourage you to read the above scriptures and find out for yourselves. Don’t just take my word for it.


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