Hi, I’m Vicky

Im married to J and we have two great boys BB (Big Brother) who is very grown up and now at school, and LP (Little Pickle) who has become a toddler.

Some lovely facts…

I am a Christian and have been for almost 10 years. My relationship with God comes first, though the working of this in my life certainly has its ups and downs. Whilst God is perfect, I am certainly not!

I enjoy watching films and tv mini series with my husband.

I love good food and great wine, and the occasional G&T does not go amiss.

Why am I on this blogging bandwagon?

A few years ago, J was extremely unwell, you can read about this here. During this time, I wrote a journal for him, as he lost around 2 weeks of his life, due to being in a coma. I also gave daily Facebook updates for friends and family (to stop with giving the same information to everyone many times over). Friends and Family checked this daily, and it gave me support, and I guess was quite cathartic. Having faith gave me courage to ask people to pray for very specific things that he needed. God answered these prayers in abundance!

We were, and continue to be blessed. 3 and a bit years on from this time, we were at a friends church home group. We gave some testimony, and a word was given to me about being a pen (not just your Bic biro, but a fine fountain pen), and how God would be the ink, enabling me to be free flowing with his word.

The idea of blogging was mentioned, something I had not thought about, so I decided, why not.

I have done a bit of research, (not nearly as much as I probably should have) and intend this blog to be a journey about being a mummy and about my faith, and how that all gets worked out.

You can read my testimony here.

You can contact me at lightshinemummy@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook or Twitter