How was your Easter? Have you eaten too much chocolate, or like me and J been helping the kids to eat theirs? (They got loads, and we don’t feel guilty, they don’t need to eat that much especially a 2 year old!) What does Easter truly mean to you? We have enjoyed a lovely holiday, … More Easter

Mothers Day

I know Mother’s Day was over a week ago, however I still wanted to share this with you. This Mother’s Day, I had been asked to give an encouragement and pray for all the ladies at church. When I was asked, I can’t exactly say I was overjoyed. The first thought that ran through my … More Mothers Day


Today I woke up feeling rubbish, I had a bad nights sleep, and a sore throat which was really becoming stubborn. I felt tired, less than enthusiastic, and wanted to go back to bed, but for the school run, and the toddler group that I help with. After walking around all morning in a daze, … More Today…

Half Term

Ah, *breathes sigh of relief*, half term. I was so happy to reach this point, I have been feeling pretty exhausted and a rest from the monotony of the school run routine is always a welcome relief. Half term however, or any school holiday for that matter also brings a sense of “what am I … More Half Term

My Testimony

I had a dream, literally I dreamt about my salvation. God can do that, just give you something when you least expect it. I knew it was from God, I wasn’t a Christian then, but the dream was so vivid, rich in detail, personal to me and I remember it so well. I had this … More My Testimony