Learning to Read & Write

BB that is. So we are around 6 months into the adventure that is learning to read. As Mummy stuff goes, I quite like the reading side of things, I’m good at doing that with BB and LP, much better than playing cars or being asked “Mummy can you build me a transformer.” Daddy is much better at those things!

BB comes home with a couple of reading books a week, we have another book that we write comments in about his reading. His teacher writes some, we write some and so on to help us build up a better picture of how he is doing.

Whilst I really enjoy this time with BB, it also drives me a little crazy. He cannot sit still when he is reading to me. He leaps around, slides down the sofa, turns upside down, slumps. I repeatedly find myself saying ‘please sit still, sit up straight, do you do this for your teacher at school?’ He inevitably replies “No Mummy” to this one. After some please sit for me like you do for your teacher at school, or shall I tell your teacher, comments from me. We usually get though the book.

BB’s reading is coming on well, it’s still early days, and he can get really frustrated with the whole thing. We have the obligatory Biff & Chip books on hand to help which are really good and BB enjoys them.

I don’t know how teachers do it though, sitting listening to lots of kids reading, they must have a lot of patience. BB likes to really accentuate the sound of the letters. It can take quite some time to get to the end of the book. I definitely need a bit more patience for those times when BB is sounding out words like T-U-G, then tells me it says PULL, whilst laughing at the same time (so he knows exactly what it really says). Or when he quite innocently sounds out the word I-T then adds in an extra T at the beginning, proudly proclaiming TIT at the top of his voice as we are walking to the car, with me and J trying really hard not to laugh, with BB asking us “why are you laughing.”

Then there is the writing. BB is just starting to come on a bit more with this and likes to write his own books copying ones that he has just read, for instance we have been reading ‘The Dinosaur that pooped a planet’ (which he finds hilarious) so BB thought he would write his own copy illustrating this with his own pictures, which his teacher told me he spoke about in class news. The story goes something like ‘Poo, Poo, Poo.’

The picture on the left says, ‘but they forgot their lunch’.

BB can be very specific about what he wants to write, he has just written down that he did a painting of a Komodo Dragon and a Flying Lizard! I did have to help him, just a bit, with this one. I love that he is so imaginative and that he is really starting to explore and think about story telling and is loving sharing this with everyone else.



Komodo Dragon above, Flying Lizard below.


These are precious times, and as much as I do go a little crazy from time to time, it’s really amazing to see how he is learning, I love his drawings. I quite like being read to as well.

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