Today I woke up feeling rubbish, I had a bad nights sleep, and a sore throat which was really becoming stubborn. I felt tired, less than enthusiastic, and wanted to go back to bed, but for the school run, and the toddler group that I help with. After walking around all morning in a daze, and not very patiently dealing with BB who was upset that he didn’t have any news to share in his news day at school (even though we had just got back from Center Parcs) it was off to the toddler group. I knew we were going to be a helper short already and I had just received a text from another helper saying they wouldn’t make it due to feeling exhausted.  Today was going down hill fast, I wasn’t looking forward to it, and wasn’t sure how we would get anything done. I prayed and asked God for strength that I would get through today.

I didn’t think much of it, and turned up to the toddler group to set up. I received another text from the lady who thought she couldn’t make it, saying she felt better and would come. My spirit lifted. We got everything set up in time. I still felt tired, a little hot maybe, but ok.

Today we didn’t pray before the group as we normally do, as a Mum arrived earlier. We had a lovely session, just the right amount of people, and a couple of Mums we hadn’t seen for a while turned up. The kids had fun, and even though my singing for rhyme time wasn’t up to much today, and I kept forgetting the words we had a great morning.

Today we prayed as we tidied thanking God for what he done this morning. So many days I’m busy, on the go, in a rush, things to do, places to be, not enough time, worrying about something I need to do. Today I didn’t feel like that, I couldn’t function normally (whatever that is), and through that, God was able to work in me. Today God reminded me that I don’t need to do all those things by myself. He picked me up when I felt low, he gave me the strength I needed. He gave others the strength they needed.

Today as I sit here, my sore throat is starting to feel better, I’m relaxing, feeling inspired to write this before the afternoon school run, and just going with it.

Today is a good day.

Diary of an imperfect mum

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