Half Term

Ah, *breathes sigh of relief*, half term. I was so happy to reach this point, I have been feeling pretty exhausted and a rest from the monotony of the school run routine is always a welcome relief.

Half term however, or any school holiday for that matter also brings a sense of “what am I going to do with two kids for a week/2 weeks/6 weeks!” moment, well actually more than a moment, especially the Summer!

I have in the past been fairly relaxed and just tried to go with the flow, thinking I’ll see what’s happening when I get to it.

So with a more organised approach I decided to plan our week. Play date with a school friend of BBs’ with lunch at my place, Daddy cinema date to see Lego Batman, Trip to Corfe Castle with Granny, Grandad (Mandad as LP calls him) and Aunty L. Day out with Nona, Aunty S and Cousin L, seeing friends and their kids, sleepover at Nona and Grandads for BB, topped off with an early Birthday Party for LP. Phew. This left me with 2 free days, with potential for meeting friends at the park.

It’s been fun, but not without the tantrums, or I don’t want to do that or I don’t want to eat that. Our day at Corfe Castle was sunny, perfect to get out of the house. It was freezing though and really windy. BB and LP  had a great time, with BB rolling down the steep banks at the castle, and sending an RNLI teddy bear down a zip wire from the top of the castle. There may have been a head bump as BB ran into a castle wall *rolls eyes* and the do you need to go to the toilet conversation, which is always met with a resounding “No”. Why do kids do that? I think BB thinks he is going to miss out on something! BB put his head in the stocks, and we had a guide dressed as an archer that told us about the castle. LP insisted on walking the whole way around, which is quite tough on those little legs, and the footing is quite unsteady. This meant Mandad had to drag the pushchair around. Thanks Mandad.

My two free days were ok. The weather was not great, so we stayed in completely the first day. I made a den which was demolished quickly, so we tidied it away. BB insisted on wanting a blueberry and banana smoothie which, I made. After one sip he decided he didn’t like it. Great! After story reading and lunch and LP finally down for a nap, I sat down with BB as he wanted to make a model village out of old cereal boxes. It was actually really nice to sit down and paint with him, I rarely do this. After far too much TV, the next day saw an impromptu play date, followed by visiting Granny and Grandad and going for a swim.

We went to a local farm park the next day, which was great fun, meeting Nona, Aunty S and Cousin L who is similar in age to LP. They were so cute waving and saying hello and bye to all the animals. They got to feed baby lambs, which LP did not like much. BB meanwhile enjoyed driving go karts, tractor rides and the soft play, where he met a school friend. 3 hours here was plenty though, plus it was fairly busy as it was a nice day.


The following day we had a bit more of a chilled day and J was not working. We saw our friends who have two kids, we all had lunch together, the kids played, and put on a Batman performance for us, planned and choreographed perfectly by our friends older daughter. We went to the park, and it was just nice to be more relaxed and catch up with great friends.

The weekend was super busy. The Grandparents said they would have BB and LP for the day and that BB could sleep over. In our wisdom, what did me and J do? Take time for one another, have a nice lunch, sleep! No we tidied the car (it resembled a rubbish bin before),  moved the boys bedrooms around, (so that they would be sharing), but this created more mess to start with. It took all day, we were shattered, and normally when we start doing this sort of stuff we seem to have, lets say disagreements that result in the work not getting done. Not this time though. We were super organised, and got everything we wanted to achieve done. We were very pleased with ourselves. We rarely get the time to sort things out around the home, apart from the usual daily routine and housework, so as boring as it sounds we were happy to have done the work. To top it off we treated ourselves to a well done takeaway, which tasted even better for all our hard work.

The last day of the holidays was non official birthday party day. LP is 2 very soon, but as we are away we decided to have the family round for some afternoon tea, and early present opening. It was really fun, and after BB had gotten over the fact that his once big bedroom was now a playroom / spare room / study / somewhere to keep the cross trainer, and that he now had to share with LP, order resumed and the kids played nicely.


This half term I found that as much as we were doing what I thought were nice things, BB seemingly would have been happy playing on the iPad or watching cartoons most of the time (he did a little of this). He also just wanted to eat constantly. His behaviour whilst generally good, was a little grating, and sometimes he just seemed entirely ungrateful for the things we were doing. Maybe I am being harsh, perhaps doing all these things as fun as they are is just too overwhelming. Am I putting my own thoughts and feelings ahead of the boys? Is it true that I need to get out of the house rather than my children wanting too? Sometimes a whole day in with them, seems like it’s too much, they definitely need time out to burn off some energy, but maybe a simple approach is the best thing.

Now though, back to the routine. Actually quite glad!

Overall it was a successful half term. Not without some difficulties, but I’m not complaining.

How were your half terms?

Diary of an imperfect mum

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