It’s been a Year!

Wow, I can hardly believe that I have almost been blogging for one whole year! This last year has flown by.

When I started off, I was uncertain about all things blogging, I was a bit naive that it would be easier in the beginning than it actually was. I remember pressing the publish button for the first time, thinking that so many people would be reading my posts, the reality was a little different. I wasn’t too organised and actually the things that took most of my time were trying to set the site up with how I wanted it to look.

A year on, and I have definitely taken a more relaxed approach to the whole blogging process. I am really enjoying it, I have found my voice. My original plan was to talk about my parenting highs and lows, and how my faith as a Christian impacts that. I have done that, though I have found that sometimes my posts have focused on how I might be feeling about a certain situation rather than a specific parenting instance. The  posts that have worked the best for me are the ones that have come from my heart, where I have been more open and vulnerable. I have tried to interject lighter posts along the way, including experiences and holidays, I don’t want my blog to be super spiritual or heavy, just honest.

What I have been amazed about is how much I have written (disclaimer not actually that much, but more than I expected). I actually set out to write one post per month, seems crazy now, some months I have written 4 or 5 some months only a couple. I’m not a big scheduler, so tend to write as and when I need to publish a post. I often find that if I’m on a roll, I can write a post fairly quickly.

I got on board with linkys. I had no idea to start with, it took me a while to fathom how to even put a badge on my page.

I am not a blogger who’s on Twitter, or Facebook a lot, though I do have dedicated pages. If I’m honest I find that the upkeep of this pages can be a bit much. I have spurts, sometimes I do a lot, sometimes very little. I have not been to any blogging events either. Eek, should I?

I do compare myself to others, maybe I’m not doing enough, maybe I need to be more organised, and schedule better, maybe I need to be more disciplined. My stats aren’t that amazing, I don’t have loads of Twitter followers or Facebook likes, ahhh. But….none of that stuff actually matters. I am writing because I enjoy it, I don’t want it to become a chore, I’m not other bloggers I’m me. I have my own style. Sure I might not win any awards, but that’s ok. I find that life is quite hectic sometimes, I have two small children who are challenging a lot occasionally. Some days, or weeks I don’t want to write in the evenings, I just want to be. To have time with J, to watch a film, to listen to music. We are often busy with our church too, so it can get a bit much, and I don’t want blogging to become a hardship for me.

My blog was born out of a desire to be a tool for Gods word, and I want that continue. I’m sure the blog will change, and this year will bring new opportunities. I definitely want to update the look of my blog and I would like to go self hosted as I am currently limited to what I can do.

I have also started to write a few more posts relating to Crohn’s disease, which is very personal to our family, but I am enjoying sharing this.

Thank you for reading and supporting me. I hope you will continue to read, and comment, I really do appreciate your thoughts and feedback, and maybe something that I write will hit a nerve, or impact your life. I would really like to hear about that.

Heres to the next year. Happy Blogaversary to me!

The Pramshed
Diary of An Imperfect Mum

Diary of an imperfect mum

6 thoughts on “It’s been a Year!

  1. Aww happy 1st blogging anniversary. As you are aware I have just started blogging the past week and finding it great, I wanted to start blogging to tell my story but also to help those close to me get an understanding of Crohn’s disease. I hope i’m still blogging in a year!! 🙂


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