Leo the Lion

At BB’s school they have a class mascot. His name is Leo the Lion. I knew about Leo from early on when BB had just started school. Perhaps you have a similar thing at your kids school. Leo gets to come home for the weekend, when you have done something good, shown good behaviour and so on.

BB spoke about Leo often and was so looking forward to when he could come home with us. Well, it finally happened. (Now I’m a bit delayed in writing this, he actually come to stay back on the 05th November). BB was super excited. He came out of his classroom at the end of the day with the biggest smile on his face, with Leo and Leo’s book under his arm. It was at this point that I realised that having Leo to stay was more like Mummy’s homework. The other parents looked over and smiled, understanding your task for the weekend. However at the same time, I felt proud of BB’s achievement.

I asked BB why he had gotten Leo, and he was very pleased to tell me that he had been respectful when listening to the news stories of friends in his class.

So off we went, with BB chatting about what we would do with Leo over the weekend. He was very sweet and asked me if he could show Leo around when we got home. As soon as we got in the door BB went straight to his room to give Leo the grand tour!

I was very grateful that we had plans for this weekend, as a lot of them end up with us trying to relax, and really not doing anything exciting enough to warrant writing down and taking pictures of, which is what we had to do.

BB’s weekend consisted of swimming, watching fireworks, popping to the toyshop, seeing grandparents and going to church. Pretty busy for us. Leo especially loved the fireworks, and had a great time swimming. Check out a couple of our photos.

Now I have to confess I totally checked out the other parents work before we wrote ours down, I needed some inspiration! I’m sure that all the parents do that.

J compiled the photos and got them printed, and I wrote down the weekends adventures whilst BB sat next to me and glued the pictures ready for sticking in.

BB had a great weekend, and I think the idea is lovely. He is definitely looking forward to Leo coming back, and it’s a great way to to encourage responsibility and good behaviour.

What do you think about these kind of homework tasks, how do you approach them?

Diary of an imperfect mum

2 thoughts on “Leo the Lion

  1. My teaching partner has the responsibility of organising the class mascot so I never get to do it. I feel quite jealous! I love the idea and think it is a great way to get kids to make home and school connections as some find this very difficult. I have problems with parents who become extremely competitive! I’d check out what the other parents did like you did for tips etc but some people go well OTT! We actually stopped it at one of my schools because of the parents. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

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