The dreaded sickness bug!

The title says it, our family have had the dreaded sickness bug this last week. Thankfully we are all recovered now. I was fortunate enough to escape it, however J, BB and LP all got it. If I had a superhero name this week it would of been ‘Antibacterial Woman.’

Colds and all that stuff I can cope with, but D&V not so good. Though you just have to get on with the clear up. With younger children they haven’t quite figured out how to get to the toilet to throw up. I will spare you the finer details, you all know, you have been there!

It was like a domino effect. LP had it, followed by J, LP had a reoccurrence then BB got it. I’ve lost count of the number of bed, clothes and towel loads of washing I have done this last week. Thank goodness for my tumble dryer!

It’s hard for J as his system takes a bit more of a bashing due to his Crohns, so it takes his body slightly longer to get back to functioning as it should. BB in particular bounced back and was himself pretty much an hour later. LP struggled, but I guess he is younger and is still building up his immunity. Even with BBs super bounce back, I still had to keep him off school for 48 hours, as is the general rule.

One thing that the bug forced us to do was clear our diaries. We had various things going on. I was disappointed not to be able to do them, but we actually got to sit down, and watch a few family films, and I got lovely cuddles from the usually non stop LP.

Sometimes I feel like there is just too much to handle, and that I can’t do the things I need to. Especially in light of my recent posts about irritations, and being stripped bare. This was definitely a testing few days. Some things didn’t go so well, and I did let the situation get the better of me. Out the other side, things don’t seem so bad, I think I handled stuff ok.

However Mr sickness bug, DON’T COME BACK!

The Pramshed

8 thoughts on “The dreaded sickness bug!

  1. I remember the days of children not reaching the bathroom before vomiting. You really are thankful for a dryer at that point. And like you said the extra cuddles and film watching are a welcome “side effect” of kids being ill. Be proud of yourself for getting through it x.

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  2. It’s such a nightmare when it passes from one to another isn’t it?! We went on our first family (as 5) holiday abroad last Easter (skiing) and it happened to us – nightmare!!!! Like you say you just have to get on with it but it’s so sad when the really little ones don’t know what’s happening….bless them. Hope you’re all feeling better now. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  3. My sister’s kids and husband have been hit with it the past week too… have been giving her moral support over the phone to help her hang on to her sanity! My son hasn’t fallen victim to it yet but I dread the day it happens… as you say, Thank God for tumble dryers! #fortheloveofBlog

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