Little Mr Chatterbox

LP is 19 months old now. Eek. He is rascally, he likes to bite things (mainly me!), and his chat has gone up a gear recently. I really wanted to write this as a reminder for me. I didn’t do anything like this for BB, and you forget so quickly the funny things they say and how they say it, so here is my list of LPs main words.

1. Ninished (finished)
2. Bite (no surprise here, he says it when he sees you eating something he wants)
3. Thatchou (Thankyou, I’m amazed how he says this, at the right time to people)
4. Cake (He likes cake, what more can I say)
5. Car
6. Name of person, followed, by where are you. (He says this a lot even if you are stood right next to him!)
7. See you soon.
8. Goggy (Doggy)
9. Hi or Hello (he says this to every person we pass, makes the school run more fun)
10. Mummy (though sounds more like Mommmmmy)
11. Bunge (Sponge)
12. No (Every child’s favourite word)
13. Row rows (when he wants row, row your boat)
14. Roar (he roars very well)
15. Dadee (Daddy, the ee bit is really accentuated)
16. Bye Bye

They are his main words, though he is becoming rather good at repeating what you say, so we have to be careful. He is also so good at understanding what we are asking him. He’s definitely at that stage where he is frustrated, so those terrible twos are starting early, as they did for BB. LPs tantrums are quite something to behold.

We try and record him where we can, it’s so great that we are able to do this, we did do this for BB, it’s so lovely to look back on. In fact I think we showed BB himself chatting when he was younger, and he couldn’t quite believe, in fact he didn’t believe that it was him. He just saw a baby.

What are some of your favourite kids words?

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8 thoughts on “Little Mr Chatterbox

  1. Peachy doesn’t have words yet. For now, she just has sounds. Once she said the word “eleven” for no apparent reason. Just blurted it out durring her relaxing time after breakfast one day. She said it so perfectly that it confused me and I spent a few moments trying to figure out what made that sound. But there was nothing that could explain it other than that it came out of Peachy. It was a perfectly pronounced “eleven” in the sweetest little voice. Too bad she had no idea that she said a word. It was just a new sound to her. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  2. This is a lovely post and such a good way to remind you off all his little anecdotes. I think that we are seeing some similar traits with words. We had Dadee and Bye Bye. Mom mom mom when she’s sad. Oh and waving at everyone on the way to nursery. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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