What a Week!

What a week! I feel like any holiday is long gone, and like I need another already! I now find myself in the world of the school run too.

This week was BBs 5th Birthday, and we decided that it was time for him to have a party with friends the weekend before his birthday. He has been to a few parties, and it was finally his turn. I totally chickened out of any party at home, and instead opted for a party at the local soft play, where all you need to do is turn up with a cake, whilst they sort all the rest, food, party bags etc, and tbh it was very reasonably priced. It was only 2 hrs and I did nothing, but was absolutely shattered anyway. BB had a great time, apart from when they sang Happy Birthday. He does not like being the centre of attention.

BB had his first 1 hour session at school this week too. He starts properly next week, but I still felt pretty nervous for him. He looked so grown up in his uniform, but as I was with him, he was absolutely fine. Come back to me on Monday when he has spent time by himself to see how it really went. His teacher had also come round the day before his session to chat with him, and generally put him at ease. He seemed a little worried when he first saw her arrive, but after a chat about some drawing he was doing, he was off, talking about transformers and which were his favourite. This was just as well, because I was practically having to wrestle LP to stop him getting where he shouldn’t.

BBs first day was also his birthday, so we had lunch at Pizza Hut (you’ve gotta love a buffet), then we had the family over in the evening for tea and cake, and present opening!

We had also decided that as BB was not in school full time yet, we would take the opportunity to visit Legoland the next day with the family. We did the same last year. It was a beautiful day and much less busy than it would normally be in holiday time. Generally we didn’t queue for any longer than 5-10 mins per ride. With the added bonus of buying tickets with Tesco Vouchers we felt like our day was really good value. We all had a lot of fun, got soaked on the log flume, and I, screamed on the roller coaster.

I have finally finished sewing labels on BBs school uniform. I suspect I will never do this again! Biro all the way!

I got to go out for a Mums night to watch the film ‘Bad Moms.’ Not the best film ever, but it was very funny, and lovely to get an evening out with some friends. The cinema was full of women, apart from 2 men. (I wonder how they got convinced to go?)

I have also been planning a new Parent Toddler Group in our church, which starts next week, so have been trying to organise things for this.

To top it off, we also started BB with some swimming lessons. I wondered whether too many new things going on would be a bit much for him, but he did really well, and is enthusiastic to go back.

Phew, so there is my week, we are relaxing as best we can over the weekend, then it will be back to school on Monday, followed by our first Toddler Group session this week.

How has your week been?


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