Camping Checklist

We are off camping in a week or so. I say camping, we are actually staying in a caravan put on site for us. Now before the barrage of that’s not camping thoughts creep to mind let me explain. The church that we go to, is part of a wider network of churches, who every year join together for a mega celebration. This means we get to camp with our church family, attend morning and evening worship meetings, there are seminars during the day, and generally we have free time to get to know people a bit better. There is also plenty of fun to be had with bouncy castles, sports, some theatre, films, comedians, live music etc thrown into the mix.

I am not really a fan of camping, but am getting more used to it. We have a tent, though this year are loaning it to my parents, whilst we are in the caravan. Whilst LP is only 18 months, my idea of a camping nightmare is being in a tent with a small screaming child. The caravan will at least give us a bit more comfort, and warmth! and it gets put on site for us. When the boys are older I’m happy to go back to the tent, *rolls eyes, and smirks*, well kind of happy! Though if anyone has any suggestions for an 18 month olds sleep arrangements (travel cot will not fit in the caravan) please let me know.

BB is looking forward to it, mainly because as our family will also be coming this year, he can tent hop. We are looking forward to that too, lol.

So with this in mind I thought I would create my list of camping essentials. Who doesn’t love a list, and this will also serve as a reminder to myself. I will of course be publishing a post after the trip.

1. Wellies
2. Waterproofs
3. Sleeping Bags plus extra blankets (it can get really cold in the eve at this time of year)
4. Hoodies
5. Flip Flops x 2 (especially good in the showers)
6. Torch
7. Lanterns
8. String (good for making a washing line if needed)
9. Pegs
10. Matches
11. Camping Chairs
12. Tea Towels
13. Washing up Stuff
14. We are going to do a food delivery shop to site this year on arrival (useful if you can do this and frees up space in the car for the journey)
15. Dry Bag for the showers (I don’t want my PJs to get wet in the shower cubicle!)
16. Rain Cover for pushchair (I forgot this last year)
17. First Aid Box
18. Rucksack each for BB and LP with toys
19. Charger for phone (we have one that you charge in advance at home, which gives you three charges when you plug your phone into it)
20. Clothes, Toiletries etc
21. Toilet Roll!
22. Camp Bed for BB
23. Grobag for LP
24. Onesie for BB

I know there are many more things that we will need, and of course it differs depending on your camping accommodation.

If anyone has any good camping tips or equipment must haves, please let me know. X

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13 thoughts on “Camping Checklist

  1. We took our duplo camping this year – seems crazy but a) all piece are too big to loose and b) keeps the kids entertained for hours! Also glow sticks.

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  2. I used to camp a lot before baby. But, I do have minimum standards – like a shower and a power point! 😂 I haven’t braved it with B, but I think a caravan is the way forward. And, it definitely counts in my book! We did a road trip along the Californian coast and were in a tent for part of it. I barely slept as there were bears! 😱 Most people were in caravans, or that type of thing. I would do the same if we went again. Just don’t forget the wine! 😘

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  3. Ooh I love camping! We took our then 7month old camping a couple of months ago. I was a bit nervous about her not sleeping due to it being pretty light but she was fine. I think the change of scene, that there was so much going on and all the fresh air meant that she slept brilliantly – better than in her bedroom! I hope you have good weather and a fantastic time. It certainly sounds like you’re in for a wonderful week! x #bloggerclubuk

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  4. We’ve been camping with our son since he was 6 months old. He’s now nearing 4 and is obsessed with it. Starting them early makes a huge difference, but I ALWAYS seem to forget something at home. #ABloggingGoodTime

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