A trip to the Supermarket


Normally I order my shopping online for delivery or collection. I like it, as I can order this as I go, in peace, normally in the evening when the kids are asleep. With holiday time and routines being a bit out of sync, we had run out of stuff, so I thought, hey why not, let’s go to the supermarket. I had made my list, LP likes sitting in the trolley and BB is pretty good, it will be easy I thought.

The shop started off ok, though BB also likes to get in the trolley, not in the seat, but actually the main trolley, which makes it harder to steer. I started to get what I needed, manhandling the trolley down the aisles. As I was making my way to the cheese, we encountered some trolley traffic. An older lady let me past, smiling at me she said ‘your need is greater than mine.’ She must have noticed that slight look of bewilderment in my eyes, at trying to navigate the shops with two small children. I smiled, and laughed back agreeing with her.

It was after this point that BB decided he wanted to get out of the trolley, which in itself was not a problem. I quite literally hauled him out, after which point he became a robot. So up and down the aisles he spoke extremely loudly in a robot style voice, with me saying things like, ‘calm down please,’ to which he would repeat my comment back in a robot voice. As generally happens I had to ask him to move out of the way of people a lot (as he likes to jump about rather than walk) at which other shoppers just stared at us with a slightly irritated look on their faces.

Taking children shopping is never fun, mainly because they want everything they see. I succumbed to some chocolate shreddies as they were on offer, and some monster claws, which BB insisted that he carried for the rest of the shop.

Up until now LP had been mostly good, but as the trolley was filling up, and he could see the snacks he liked going in, Houdini baby struck again. He was contorting himself around in the seat to pick what he wanted. I would move him back, he would scream then do the same again. At this point I decided he needed a snack, and as I had not brought anything with me, I opened up the chedders multipack and gave him a packet. Stupidly I left the packet on his lap, turning around for 1 second the packet ended up on the floor. At this point I decided the shopping was finished and very quickly I just moved away from the chedders on the floor. Sure I could of picked up them up, but quite honestly I was becoming irritated and just wanted to get out of there. At the same time as this happening,  I was thinking this could be something to blog about, and so started to laugh at myself thinking this comment. I’m pretty sure I looked slightly deranged walking away from the chedder catastrophe, telling LP to sit still, BB to stop talking like a robot, and laughing at the same time.

Also trying to pack shopping at the checkout with children is a mission in itself. Without any real care, I just crammed it all in the bags as quickly as I could.

I think I will just go back to online shopping it’s much less stressful!

The Pramshed

9 thoughts on “A trip to the Supermarket

  1. Oh wow I applaud your bravery! I only have one little one but I avoid the supermarket at all costs… Even though at the stage he’s at he’d probably quite enjoy sitting in the trolley, but I’m not willing to take that risk! Online shop all the way. But it did make a good blog post so every cloud!!


  2. I like online shopping as it stops me picking up bits and pieces I definitely don’t need! We’re still at the stage of putting the carseat on the top of the trolled which is a nightmare as I’m not overly tall (ok fine I’m short) so I can’t see a thing! #fortheloveofBLOG

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  3. That is why I do online shopping, for that reason and also because I have no time to spend an hour in the supermarket. You are a supermum for taking two to the supermarket. I think it’s use that really cares what’s going on, and no one else really bats an eyelid. But I can imagine how you felt walking around there, wishing the ground would swallow you up. These are one of the moments that you will remember, but also laugh about. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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