I Hate Slugs

This last week has been pretty exhausting. J has been away with work in London and it was BB’s last week at preschool.

When J goes away, I never sleep in the same way, I think I sleep lighter, and any sound seems to have me on high alert. Before J went away LP wasn’t quite himself, grizzly with a temperature, I thought there could be a potential chickenpox outbreak (it’s been doing the rounds), fortunately nothing, and now he is in fine form again. However whilst J was away LP continued to be under the weather, which meant any normal sleep pattern (these days the whole night) went completely out of the window. He went back to 12pm, 1.30am, 4am waking, so I decided he could sleep in bed with me. I just needed the sleep, though now he is better I seem to be fighting a battle to get him back to his routine.

I also had a couple of things in the evenings, our life group, and a ladies discipleship group, I didn’t want to cancel these, and it was nice to see some friends. After a few days of the dinner, bath and bed routine, plus some BB tantrums, and LP feeling poorly and my evenings, and no quality sleep, I was feeling bleurgh.

Also on the Thursday evening I was busy making dinner, when I heard LP crying from the lounge. I walked in to see blood all over his mouth. He had fallen, BB could not tell me how, (by the way I am not inferring any blame here) and had caught his inside bottom lip with his teeth and really cut into it. It stopped bleeding pretty quick and he ate his dinner, so I figured he couldn’t be too bad, but that was after I had taken a picture, sent it to J, spoken to him, sent the picture to my Mum, spoken to her, then called th GP to see whether they can even do anything for those kind of injuries. The general consensus was, mouths heal quickly. When your by yourself though, it’s hard to know what to do sometimes.

It was also BBs last day ever at preschool on Friday *sobs* it was lovely to say goodbye to the preschool staff, and the kids got to have fun playing on a bouncy castle. BB has been there for 2 years, and it feels so strange that he won’t be going back. Though we will be back with LP in the future. So it was a more emotional day.

J was back that evening though, and I was very happy. LP had perked right up on this day, typical I thought, and in my naivety I perhaps thought that this meant we were in for a good nights sleep. I was wrong.

At midnight LP woke up screaming. I tried to get him back down, but to no avail, so J had a go. Whilst J was trying I could hear BB crying in his room. I went to see him, he was hot, itchy and LP had woken him up. Before I knew it BB had vomited all over his bed. It’s that kind of moment where things happen in slow motion, but you are not sure what to do. I just had to let the sick happen. Then I stared at it for a while trying to figure out what to do, whilst shouting down to J to run a bath, while LP was still screaming. Once BB was in the bath, and I had rinsed off the bedding, I thought, what the heck, I may as well put the washing machine on now at 1am! So with the bedding in hand went into the kitchen, put on the light and…….saw the most disgusting massive slug ever! We get slugs in our conservatory, they are gross, BUT, in the kitchen, seriously. It clearly wasn’t expecting me, it was coming out from under our washing machine. In a completely loud and over dramatic voice for the time of night, I just shouted ‘GIVE ME A BREAK.’ J obviously heard me, to which I shouted my disgust of the said slug. I had tried to get it, but the nimble thing was slugging it’s way back under the washing machine leaving its horrible trail. I wasn’t having it, there was no way this one was just going to slime across my kitchen all night (makes me sick thinking about it, also sorry about the gross picture). I came downstairs and after trying to flick it out with a piece of kitchen towel failed, J grabbed it with our kitchen tongs and threw it outside. The tongs have been through the dishwasher!

BB was fine, just a one off occurrence, I think it’s one of those things that happens when you get suddenly woken up, and can just feel sick, he had also had a busy day. He was back to normal in the morning after sleeping in our bed. LP is also completely fine. Sleeping patterns are still a bit mucked up, but we getting there.

I am completely grateful though that the worst evening was saved for when J was home. We can look back now and laugh at it all. Just another normal week in our household. How’s your week been?

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