Date Night

Over the last few weeks me and J have realised that we have not been spending quality time together, we both have a lot going on, and unfortunately we sometimes place each other on the bottom of the pile instead of prioritising each other.

So we have re-instated our date nights. This is something we used to do, but we kind of fell out of the habit. We decided we needed to spend time talking rather than watching TV series (which we love to do, but it’s not very social). We have enjoyed some lovely dinners, and drunk some lovely wine and chatted.

Most recently we went to the Proms in the Park. I love the proms. Picnics, Prosecco, and great music including the Star Wars theme. So with grandparents babysitting and taking us too and from the venue so we could enjoy the wine, we were set. Picnic backpack with lovely food (and not my usual excessive amount) camping chairs, waterproofs and picnic rug check!

Now on the day of the proms the weather was slightly questionable. It had been a beautiful week and the night before was glorious. The day remained mostly sunny with a few showers, and after checking the forecast several times, I was sure we would be ok. I had asked my MIL if we could borrow a big umbrella though just to be on the safe side.

Mistake #1 – When my MIL said here’s the umbrella, I decided that as the sun was out we didn’t need it.

When we arrived at the proms, we found a good spot, laid out our rug and our picnic, poured the wine, and started to enjoy our food before the concert started. Then the big black cloud made its appearance!


Then the rain started, and it was a flippin big shower. Raincoats on and food quickly packed away we ran for the nearest tree.

Mistake #2 – When running for cover we left our chairs and rug, not really thinking about how wet they would get and that we would be sitting on them for the whole evening. (Though I did run back for my wine, I’ve got my priorities sorted!).

The thing I love about the proms is the Britishness of it all. There are some seasoned prommers out there. We have been to a fair few, though obviously with our rookie mistakes, we are not seasoned enough! When the rain pours out come the brollies, and as you look around it’s hard not to laugh at everyone sitting huddled in their raincoats in the rain, with their glasses of wine.

Shower over and we went back to sit in our soggy chairs. Our picnic rug was soaked through, and so we sat down with our raincoats on with our food and wine huddled around us and just carried on. There were a couple more showers, but lighter, so we stayed put in our coats, as we didn’t want our seats to get any wetter. Then we surveyed and got serious brolly envy as an older couple had a mega, I’m going to call it a picnic parasol. They just smiled back at us, knowing they had it sussed.

Mistake #3 – In all the rain chaos, I spilt my wine over the already soggy rug. J found this hilarious. Actually so did I, you have to laugh at these things.


The concert started and was amazing, last night of the proms classics, rousing chorus’ of Rule Brittania, Greensleeves, Sea Shanties, with some Star Wars and Disney Fantasia themes. If you don’t know the music by name, you definitely know it when it starts playing. You see people proclaiming ahh yes, and nodding their heads and tapping their feet. After another shower in the break, the concert finished with some great fireworks, and some mega flag waving.

All in all, despite the rain we had a fab time, and to top it off we are going again in August. The rug on the other hand got thrown in the bin, oh and we will be taking an umbrella!

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12 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Amazing – I want to start date nights because we have definitely begun to neglect one another and it makes me sad. I am glad you had a lovely – albeit wet – time and your nail varbish is amazing!#fortheloveofBlog


  2. Despite the rain this sounds amazing. I would love to do something g like this. I wonder if we have a similar thing in Holland I must find out. Love the idea of a proper date night too. We are stuck in a Netflix, football, and sofa picnic rut! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime πŸŽ‰

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