Shoe Shopping

I would like to say that the shoe shopping was for me, but unfortunately not, BB needs some summer shoes. I love shoes, I used to have 80 ish pairs, I don’t have so many any more, and these days I like my shoes to be comfortable too (I sound so old), as well as stylish I might add.

Shoe shopping with BB is not nearly so much fun as I think it should be, first off is measuring at Clarks with their ipad measurer thingy, where I realise he has been wearing shoes for goodness knows how long, that are a whole size too small for him. Then he sees some dinosaur velcro shoes that he takes a fancy too, except I decide they are a little too much, so this means we need to tackle some other shops. They are also black and bright green, and as much as I quite liked them, my Mummy practical voice reminds me that these shoes need to last and be suitable for different occasions, in particular for a wedding too.

Now, BB at the grand old age of 4, is fairly strong willed about what he likes, so off we go to Next to try on many pairs of shoes, where he decides he wants sandals. He starts looking for shoes based on his age, and starts exclaiming ‘Mummy I’m not 10!’ Then there is just the constant barrage of me saying, sit down lets try these on, no, keep your feet still, as he flails himself around on the seating flinging his legs in the air. Then I ask him to please stand up and walk round in them, at which point he seems to lose the ability to walk, and starts to do really strange moon walking around the shop and then running around as fast as possible (I suppose that’s one way to test shoes). Then I try to ask him, do they feel comfortable? Inevitably he will always say no. I am by this stage finding my shoe shopping a little grating, add in a headache and hot shops, and my love of shopping is fast disappearing.

Finally we get to try some dinosaur velcro shoes on which are grey, and we are both agreed look nice.


I put them by while I ponder whether they are right and we have some lunch, then we head back  to the shop. At this point BB has changed his mind and decided he doesn’t like them anymore. So I give him an ultimatum, which is ‘you can have these dinosaur shoes or no shoes,’ he says ‘yes, the dinosaur shoes,’ I am pleased with his decision, however this fast disappears when I realise that what he is actually referring to is the black and green shoes from earlier, which I have already decided are not practical. So I repeat my ultimatum, to which he says ‘fine, no shoes.’

Now I am standing in the shop with my Mum, and I have no idea what to say, my mind is blank. BB is very good at calling my bluff, I really want to commit to my ultimatum of no shoes, but the reality is he needs some, and I don’t want to go shoe shopping again that soon. After the parenting tool known as bribery is used, BB agrees that the grey dinosaur shoes are the best option and we buy them.

So ends our 3 hour shoe shop. Hurrah!

The Pramshed
Blue Faced Momma

4 thoughts on “Shoe Shopping

  1. Argh I can imagine that shoe shopping and clothes shopping with children is a nightmare once they can make their own decisions, and you are no longer fully in charge of what they wear. I can also imagine that it might be fairly tricky to explain to your child about budgets, however on the flip side it is a start of their education into cost, price and everything in life not being free. I really like the shoes you choose, I hope that they last well and look great at the wedding. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG this week. Claire x

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  2. Oh dear! I like them – dinosaur but subtle! I tend to get a bit annoyed by how, cute as they are, shoes for little kids tend to be very bright and patterned. I go for having a couple of pairs of expensive, properly fitting shoes for the girls, rather than lots of cheaper ones. But that does mean I want them to match everything. Hot pink does not match everything! I have gradually had to accept that perhaps it doesn’t matter too much if a two year old’s shoes clash with her outfit, but I still secretly wish I could get subtle neutral shoes! #fortheloveofBLOG

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    1. It is hard isn’t it, we have one set of ideas and our children generally think something very different. I definitely find it hard to let go of my way of thinking, but I agree we do sometimes need to accept these things, and let our children have a voice to make decisions. Thanks for your comment x


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