Making Our Bug Hotel

Our garden looks a mess right now, a blown down fence, grass that is just a massive mad patch, and plants that have seen better days. I’m always looking at home and garden ideas for inspiration. If there was one downside to being a SAHM, for me, it’s being able to think about what needs to be done around the home and how I might achieve this. (I can spend way too long on this), and unfortunately funds escape me to achieve my mega dreams.

Anyway on the garden theme, I finally embraced pinterest, and now there’s no stopping me. A garden for our family has to be practical for the boys, but I also want it to be a nice space that me and J can enjoy when it gets a bit warmer. I have ideas about lounging on our garden chez, drinking wine, lovely lighting and glorious flowers around me. I can dream!

So whilst pinning I came across bug hotels. Sure I’ve seen them before, they look kinda cool, but I wasn’t all that bothered. After BB had a playdate recently and after our recent holiday I have come to appreciate the need for boys to get muddy and muck about outside, so I really thought an area for BB and LP in the garden would be great. Our garden is small, but I’m all for creative ideas on making the most of this.

So it was decided we would start with a bug hotel. BB was super excited, and put in his ideas for a staircase, bug car, and a yellow front door. (I wasn’t quite sure I could stretch to these). I also did a bit of research on bug hotels and found out they were good for your garden, keeping pests at bay.

At this point I would like to say I don’t like bugs, spiders eurgh, or any kind of thing that crawls, but hey I thought why not, it will fit in, in our super mud garden!

We sourced material from our local scrapstore, I asked friends on Facebook for bricks, and we generally have a lot of scrap that we found in the garage, along with some old ikea expedit shelves, that I  thought would make a great structure. It did seem ironic to me though that when I collected the bricks, in which copious amounts of massive spiders were living, I was actually destroying their home in order to make them a more swanky version. I mean they don’t care do they.

Our expedit shelves were a bit too birch for me, so as we had some front door paint left over I thought we would paint them olive and help the whole thing to blend in to the garden a bit more.


So far it was mainly just my project, I can take over a bit, so here is BB assembling the bug hotel (with some help), well giving a thumbs up anyway.


From researching, really anything goes and its about experimenting with sectioning your bug hotel out, so here we are filling it up.


And here is our completed bug hotel.


With a close up of the marvellous sign BB made, complete with spider drawing!


It was a fun thing to do together, and surprisingly easy. Since making this, Granny & Granddad now also have a bug hotel in their back garden, complete with stairs, a slide and lighting. Now we are just waiting for our bugs to move in!

The Pramshed

17 thoughts on “Making Our Bug Hotel

      1. Oops! The grow you own butterflies at home. You get a kit and and send off for caterpillars and watch them change into a chrysalis and then butterfly before releasing them. Really good!


  1. Ha ha! As long as they have their own place of residence, they will hopefully stay out of yours! Great sharing that building experience with the kids. It looks like you all had fun. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  2. I love the idea of a Bug Hotel. I’m all about animals and wildlife so this is right up my street. I plan on making one for my girls this summer! Your boys look like they had a great time making theirs!


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  3. Such a cute idea to do with the kids – I be he loved it making it! I feel your pain with the garden though. My other half keeps starting projects and never ever finishes them due to lack of time/funds so my garden is currently unusable again this year. So irritating! Hope you get your garden sorted in time for the summer. Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x

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  4. Love this! I’ve been meaning to make one for aaaages! When I taught reception we had someone come in and make an amazing one out of halved pallets. She planted various plants (succulents etc) on top as well so it was lovely and green! #fortheloveofblog

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