Thoughts for today…

I’m trying hard to blog a bit more often, so I thought I would just write a quick post today, just some thoughts and things that I am getting up to this weekend.

J, BB and LP have been dispatched to join the library this morning, BB is most excited about this, he loves books. (I’m not really sure why its taken us so long to join?). So I get some time to myself, Yay! Although in reality, I have actually just put a load of washing in the tumble dryer, and done some prep painting for our bug hotel (post to follow on that soon), and am sat here quickly typing this out.

Does anyone else feel like as soon as they get some time to themselves, with all the best intentions you still end up doing housework, other stuff you need to catch up on, and it hardly feels like it can be called a rest, and I know that it won’t be too long before they get back.

I find relaxing quite difficult sometimes, my mind is on overtime thinking about other things to do later in the day, or I find myself thinking about how we might relax later, which sounds ridiculous.

Also I am thinking off and on about Monday, when we will find out which school BB will be going to in September. I just read a great guest post on Mumsnet by Charly Dove about not always getting your first choice, and how you deal with that. In truth I would be happy with any of the three we have picked, I do feel a little apprehensive about it all though. J likened it to waiting nervously for exam results. It also makes me feel a little teary to think about BB growing up so quickly, and how he will cope with the change of going to school. (Who am I kidding, it will be me that will be struggling most)!

So other than relaxing today *sighs, and rolls eyes* I did promise BB some cake making. Nona brought him a Star Wars cake kit. There will probably, no definitely be some TV watching, and some pizza eating.

Tomorrow morning we will be at church (no Sunday lay ins for us), and then are putting up a marquee at my inlaws in the afternoon for our celebrations next weekend, when J becomes a Church Elder, very exciting. Tomorrow also brings good time with friends and family which we love.

Have a happy weekend. What are you up too?… x


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