Easter Holidays

We love Easter, spring has mostly sprung, the weather is generally good, and as Christians we celebrate the most important date in our calendar.

This Easter we decided that we needed some time away, and were fortunate to be able to spend some time in Cornwall at our friends family home, the very wonderful Pengenna Manor. So me, J, BB, LP and my SIL embarked on our great cornish adventure. BB mostly spotted windmills for our journey down, shouting excitedly when he saw one. It is truly amazing how much stuff we need for a few days away. I thought we had packed light this time (and I felt like we really had) but in reality we had packed half our house. In the future my goal is to think and be minimal with our stuff.

There is so much space for BB to explore and run around at Pengenna. It’s a beautiful old farm house which, has been transformed into a fantastic wedding venue. If your interested please check it out http://www.pengennamanor.co.uk

It is the best thing to see BB having so much fun outdoors. If we let him, he would sit glued to the TV for hours!  At home, whilst we have parks close by, if he’s outside our house, we need to be with him, and that’s not always practical, so I loved that he had more freedom, and I really saw a difference in him. BB got to ride a family trike that had been lovingly restored, and he had a great time, peddling around for ages, laughing, falling off, crying, then picking himself up and getting back on for another go. he is just getting his confidence with bike riding, so this was a real boost for him.


There is plenty of exploring to be done, grassy verges to run up and down, path ways, streams, fields, tractors. A little boys dream.

Our base was in North Cornwall, so we got to visit some great places. Trevose Head Lighthouse was great, BB thought it was awesome. Some of the best views. We had a few lovely sunny days so the water looked beautiful, all sparkly. It’s time like these that I really appreciate what an amazingly beautiful place we live in, and can just marvel at Gods creation.



We visited Padstow, ate pasties, ice cream and had some chips (it had to be done). Last time we visited our friend I was 12 weeks pregnant with LP and mostly felt sick, so this time I needed to make sure I had my proper cornish pasty (and very tasty it was too).

We mostly spent our evenings eating and drinking sat next to a lovely woodburner, though I did manage to knock a small piece of the glass out of the door, and break it. In my defence it was already broken, and our friend with the help of my SIL had managed to fix it earlier the day before holding it in place with a wire rack to make sure the entire room didn’t get smoked out.

Polzeath beach was our next destination. A beautiful big beach, great for surfing if you like that kind of thing (not really my bag, though it does look pretty cool). BB has since decided he would like to try surfing though.


We made a mega sandcastle. I say we, but I can’t take any credit, apart from buying two extra spades, as I was busy with LP who wasn’t too sure of the sand. BB on the other hand got stuck right in. J, SIL and our friend were also quite particular about the sandcastle layout too!


I had learnt my lesson from our last visit to Cornwall, so this time I had a spare change of clothes and we had come equipped with towels. It was sunny but fairly windy and cold. In my mind this means, coats, wellies, hats etc. In BB’s mind he’s on the beach so this means taking his wellies and socks off, rolling up his trousers and squelching his feet into the sand and water.


BB also managed to get sand mostly all over himself, after some jumping, sloshing sandy water over himself, and generally falling down in the sand, at one moment literally putting his head in the sand, he was covered. I would like to say I’m completely cool with this, and just went with the flow, knowing that he is having fun, but once we had finished and needed to get back to the car to change and clean him up, my stress levels got a little higher, as he did not want to get clean. I often find myself thinking ahead of the situation to the next part, I guess I do this to try and make my life easier. Invariably it doesn’t happen.

Cue more eating and drinking, with LP trying to eat anything in sight. We got back to Pengenna and took some more time to explore. BB found a dead crow and thought this was super exciting, we all got to see that! Here we are on the way to see the dead crow!


One  thing that really struck a chord with me, was when I asked BB what his favourite thing was about the holiday. Of all the things we did, I got some time alone with him, and we went for a little walk. Our friend has a little stream with a bridge over where me and BB played pooh sticks. This was his favourite thing of the whole time away. I love that. These days, our time alone together is much more fleeting as LP gets a lot of my attention. It really made me think about what I do with BB and the time I spend with him. It’s the simple things.

Our last full day was a bit more rainy and SIL and our friend wanted to visit Poldark places. J and I have never watched it, so we  decided not to go and instead had a more relaxing day with the boys at Pengenna. We prepared dinner, a lovely stew (our friends recipe), which we cooked in the Rayburn. (I love this). Then whilst it was stewing, we took a visit to the local farm shop, and got ourselves some giant cake in the cafe, while BB got to play on the diggers and slides outside. This happened to coincide with being the most windy day, it was freezing!


Another tough evening of eating and drinking followed, and all too quickly its time to pack up and come home.

Things I have learnt from our holiday are that spending quality time with each other is important. I need to learn to relax a little more and appreciate the qualities of those around me. I also need to give myself a break sometimes.

My biggest revelation though came through the time I spent with BB. Sometimes I am so busy, doing every day things, that I forget what my focus is. I’m a bit like Martha, Luke 10:38-42. What I need to be doing is spending time with my heavenly father, giving him my focus, he needs to be my priority in all things. God wants me to take walks with him, listen to him, give him my undivided attention so that he can reveal his heart for me, just like BB was able to, when I took the opportunity to just BE.





6 thoughts on “Easter Holidays

  1. Love this – to my shame I have never been to Cornwall. It’s absolutely on the want to do list but always seems so difficult to plan! Good idea to go at Easter outside of summer rush. Absolutely hear you on need to just BE and less rush-rush of housework / routines


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